Sunday, February 08, 2009


It’s an extended trip for me here. This is supposed to be a 7-day journey but I have to stretch it till the 15th – meaning, I will be spending Valentine’s outside Thailand. *sobs* Here’s an open letter to my baby…

Dear Teerak,

I’m terribly missing you. You know who you are. Look under your foot – I wrote my name on it to claim you as mine. =)

I’m sorry I won’t be home in time for Valentine’s. I really am.

But I’ll send you a hundred roses. And keep one for me. So, you’ll get 99 beautiful red roses.

It may not be enough to say how much you mean to me, but…

... it will say how much I miss you (and how I’ll think of you on Valentine’s while I’m away.)



*** If you miss somebody back in Thailand, surprise 'em with 99 roses this Valentine’s Day. Lots of freebies! Click here to send flowers to Thailand or through the banners on this blog.
Or you can do it for the kids .

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Jake said...


I've been looking for the "L" word in your open letter but all is see is the "M" word.

Lucky Teerak. :)

innocente said...

so so so so sweet...
i've been reading this blog since 2 years back but my first comment is on this open letter.

so happy for you guys.

Curbside Puppet said...

nice. i always thought you were the hopeless romantic type.

TAO said...


My dear younger brother...

You have had how many wives? How many women have entered your life over the past 20 some valentines?

Maybe you are just in love with love?

Roman Paul, RP said...

sabi nga naming magkakaklase, tuhog ka ng tuhod, kapag puno na, tsaka ka magbawas....

>>> very inspiring right????

MischMensch said...

Wow Pisanu so inspiring. What a lucky person, whoever whom you are wishing this love letter to

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