Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I’m sure you know at least one person, who is working in Macau at this very moment, don’t you?

If you are in the entertainment or modeling business chances are, you know quite a few of them.

I’m also quite sure you already asked what in the world are they doing there.

Let’s compare their answers; these are the ones I always get…

1. ramp modeling
2. commercial modeling
3. print ads modeling
4. in-house modeling
5. catalogue modelling

Sure. Whatever you say.

In the past decades, Southeast Asia has seen temporary/transitory migrations of our best looking citizens; Starlets, model-wannabes, what-have-you.

Japan in the 80s, Brunei in the 90s… 2000s? Go figure.

So, what do they really do there in Macau?

You wanna know the real score (as witnessed and documented) in Macau? Here is what they really do over there:

1. night club bikini dancers
2. escorts-for-pay (run by escort service companies)
3. massage-boys-with-extra-service
4. private club hostesses (and who knows what they do in there)
5. common sex traders

All of our countries are represented. No exceptions. As long as you look like a model (or a movie starlet)… you’re in!

Macau would also be a transient -- if they're lucky enough to get sponsors to China (a bigger sex trade/modeling market).

My take on this? Keep the dirty laundry within our own yard.



Tea Dean said...

Migration has been a persistent theme in Southeast Asian labour history and migrants have been either permanent settlers or temporary residents. In the second half of the nineteenth-century migration coincided with European expansion into the region and was linked to economic development and labour market needs.

Throughout known history, people have been migrating into and across Southeast Asia. Bands of people move at a slow pace across the often dangerous countryside searching for a better life. As long as there are differences in lifestyle, in geography, in climate and in political systems then there will always be incentives for people to migrate. Sometimes they will do so temporarily and sometimes permanently. Whenever it happens, there is an opportunity for the migrant and the receivers to benefit from exposure to different ideas and cultures, although it is more common to witness discrimination and persecution.

Tea Dean said...

FYI Pisanu, nope I don't know anybody in Macau at the moment ;)

Curbside Puppet said...

hey dek, all countries including singapore and the oh-so-wealthy brunei?

and i don't personally know of anyone who's working in macau.

if morgan was still active here, he would have featured a macanese dish. oh well.

Anonymous said...

Yes , I m . I m working as the casino executive host here.

Jake said...

Haha! Believe me, Pisanu, I know a bunch.

Back in 2007, I was offered a ticket for a "show" at one of the underground clubs in Macau.

Little did I know that I was about to witness a "meaty" presentation. Gee, I couldn't take it I walked out.

One can do a documentary on this underground economic activity. For all its flaws, I still love Macau. :)

Janne said...

The first thing that came to my mind about macau is gambling. I never know all these things are going on over there.

@ Pisanu
Thanks for the info and flavor of the blog is quite interesting :D

TAO said...

OMG! Is Pisanu becoming a puritan?

One day we get a post about the collapse of the United States and now we are getting a moral lecture about the sins of Macau.

Now, I have not been to Asia since the early 80's but sex has always been for sale and capitalism and the concept of supply and demand seemed to function quite well when it comes to sex.

So you complain because some people with skills relocate to the United States and now folks with other skills relocate to Macau.

Sex was the first industry to be globalized.....

Anonymous said...

I know some male starlets who have done sexy gay indie films from the Phil who now works in macau,,, they say as models, GRO or even escorts; worst massage boys with ES. So is macau becoming a booming capital of sex industry esp for gays??

Anonymous said...

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