Monday, September 13, 2010

If this is the Official ASEAN Sucks!

Ok, I have to admit; this is the very first time I heard this. Not that I'm not interested, but I just knew there would be a boo-boo in the selection process.

Listen to this first and I'm sure you would agree with me on some of my feedback --

... HORRIBLE, isn't it?

*rant starts here*

What was that all about?!!! Is that all you guys at the Headquarters can come up with? What is this? -- A chorale competition?

You let a "choir" sing the ASEAN anthem like any western group of people doing a western artform of group singing? The way it was sang DOES NOT represent Southeast Asia AT ALL!

We need some leader-shifting! We NEED NEW and YOUNG leaders over there! You old blokes at the HQ need to retire already and listen to your choir songs in Nursing Homes! Horrible, horrible taste!

And WHY IS IT SANG IN ENGLISH? It should be sang in Bahasa! The most widely-spoken language of the region. Aren't we pushing for it to be the official language? Where's your consistency?

I have nothing against choir singing, but this DOES NOT represent ANY of the countries in the ASEAN. Hey, you people at the ASEAN HQ -- you have been wondering for decades why ASEAN never appealed to the majority of the youth...

...well, here's one of the answers. Bodoh!

*Rants ends here*



reon said...

its obviously not so ASEAN..needs to be improved...but i think its beter to be in ENGLISH or combination of ASEAN languages + English..atleast it is known by most countries in SEA...rather than only known by few nations...

i definitely wont want to sing it if the lyrics will be in bahasa...i dont understand.LOL


Jerick said...

in fairness to it, the video looked great, sans audio.

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

@ REon, singing it in different versions of Southeast Asian languages would promote curiosity > learning > familiarity > closer brotherhood.

I am very thankful to Google giving us the option to translate blogs. This is what ASEAN is all about.

@ Jerick, the video looked like a travel advert. Although, yeah, it really looked nice. =)

ReoN said...

yeah...i agree...

eyron said...

yup i agree, it should be in bahasa.
this was the best (according to the judges) entry from the asean members, the contest rule specifically state that the lyrics must be in english, because i think the working language of asean is english

Anonymous said...

terrible song.
reminded me of the mormon choir in Utah, not very asian at all.

why couldn't they make a song that sounded like this:

yonath from toronto

Allen said...

and the song of unity sounds like the olympic anthem. LOL

I like KPop songs though I dont understand most of it. If they sing it in bahasa then id probably be more curious with the language as well.

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