Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekend BlogHop | SeptWk2

This is the weekend post-Hari Raya celebrations across the region. Everybody should be coming back from their 'kampung' by now and I could imagine the traffic back to the cities.

We blogged hopped and not much post-Raya blog posts yet, but here are some interesting ones:

||| Andrew received an email from the Thai MFA to consider cancelling the FCCT press-con.

||| Wise Kwai blogs about Asian film line-up at the Vancouver Int'l Film Fest.

||| Richard Barrow talks about Bangkok's Litter Police and what he thinks about it.

||| Jerrick wrote about Filipino fascinations with white people.

||| Rana Claire talks about blogging on a Sunday.

||| Cheesie posted pics of early Autumn weekend in Japan.

||| John Partick featured Jurong Bird Park man-made waterfall in Singapore.

||| Enigma smelled a hoax with giant fossil viral news on the net.

||| JungleGirl talks about walking and hiking.

||| Michael Yon Online tackles counteracting corruption with one cell phone in Afghanistan.

||| Kenny Sia wanted a happy ending massage.

||| Lizzy blogs about cute, adorable ducks!

||| The WakeUpProject (which I follow) gives insight on streamline media manipulation of news.

||| Wall-e listed 6 reasons why young men won't marry.

||| Sanjay Basu posted the new SG$ 50 feature variety.

||| Geek Papa featurs Allods Online in the Philippines.

||| Emjhay, Javan started a blog this week.

Have a powerful week and stay safe!


eyron said...

another blog roll, how i wish i have a blog! haha, the writer in me is missing

nightblastz said...

Coolness..Mine was included. How thoughtful hehe...Thanks Pisanu.

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