Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Perfect Specimens featured from 28 Mar - 11 Sept 2007:

Alex Yoong
Alexandra Bounxouei
Amanda Griffin
Ananda Everingham
Andrew Cronin
Andrew Wolff
Anne Curtis
Anthony Madden
Ari Wibowo
Ase Wang

Chin Indracusin
Christian Aguilar
Christopher Friel
Cindy Burbridge
Cindy Kurleto

Dennis O’Neil
Derek Ramsey

Fabio Ide

Jon Jonsson
Jonathan Mullaly
Joni Anwar

Kathaleeya McIntosh

Leah Dizon
Leandro Bulhoes (Okabe)

Maggie Q
Maria Renata
Mario Maurer
Mark Scoles
Marsha Wattanapanich
Martin Jickain
Max Loong
Mealeva Tam
Mike Lewis

Nadya Hutagalung
Nicholas Saputra
Nicole Scherzinger
Nipit Hange

Oliver Poupart

Patrick Ribbsaeter
Paula Taylor
Peter Corp Dyrendal

Rich Herrera

Sam Chotebundit
Shannyn Sossamon
Sonia Couling
Sophia Latjuba

Tera Patrick
Tila Nguyen

Utt Panichkul

Vanessa Minnillio

See this video of their ranking of the most visited
Perfect Specimen Season 1:

*** This is a progessing list. Please leave your nominations below. Thanks!


riain said...

You missed out on Enrique Iglesias. He is Filipino-Spanish. His mom was born and raised in Manila.

Carlos Javier said...

Hello guys!

May I also respectfully nominate the Younghusband brothers James and Philip? They are Filipino-Brits; James, 21, plays for Woking FC in the English League and Philip, 20, for Esbjerg FC in the Danish League. :)


some pure filipinos looks eurasian, filipinos are not pure because its a combination of 3 race malay spanish and chinese... i hate reminding people, but in asia philippines is very different

Sofia for BiSEAN said...

Who is disproving this, sweetie? Who?

Sometimes we sound too fickle when we are defensive.

Now answer me...who is disproving this, sweetie?

The people listed above are DIRECT Eurasians. Either parent are Asian or European. It's called DIRECT BLOOD LINE.

Now if we keep "educating" the world that Filipinos are Malay-Chinese-Spanish, well honey...ALL THE WORLD IS! Not just the Filipinos.

The Americans, the Bits, the Thais, the Laotians, the Malaysians, the Spanish, the Mexicans....ALL OF US IN THE WORLD HAVE ANOTHER BLOOD MIXED one way or another.

But BISEAN Perfect Specimen are DIRECT BLOODLINES. Capisce?

bugoy said...

Yep. Please include the Younghusband brothers. They are really pleasant and nice, aside from being gorgeous. they are my "kababata" (childhood friends) and they still used to visit us in malabon. recently they went there after their pictorial for a new scent and for a shoe brand, but i was in makati then, working overtime =(

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Thanks for the first comment Bugoy. The Younghusbands doesn't have much photos around. But we are collecting. Once we get at least 10, we'll feature them soon. Thanks again.

Fuzz said...

dennis is korean-american no... where is the euro part???? one might argue that even americans are of the euro descendants... so i guess.. i lose then...

anyway.. i thought this blog is more focused on SEA... funny that the first place goes to a korean american.. i love dennis regardless.. no guys miss out daniel henney btw..since korean-american can be included..

Fuzz said...

silly me... henney is in the second season... apologies.... apologies...

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

QUOTE FROM FUZZ: "i thought this blog is more focused on SEA..."

Hahaha! "more focused" is different from "solely focused"...

You answered your own question.

Fuzz said...

owh... so this blog does include the northern asia.. only not primarily... ok ok... get that...

MischMensch said...

Elliott Yasmin? He is father is Iraqi and his mom is German

Anonymous said...

i would have to say MICHAEL COPON. he is fil-am and one of the stars in one tree hill..

Schroedinger said...

Who's missing??

I AM.... indo-germans are the best

kupao1502 said...

....and here i am refusing to be filipino.

I refuse to be classified:FILIPINO

Anonymous said...

Hi. i think Marian Rivera deserves to be in the list. Her father is a pure-blooded Spanish and her mom is a Filipina. She's simply hot!

Anonymous said...

fabio ide, leandro okabe, daniel kenji matsunaga, akihiro sato, sandro takeo caires iwafune, rafael endo, hideo muraoka are all brazilian-japanese models making waves in hongkong, china, singapore , korea, japan, thailand and philippines. often than not they are mistaken to be bisean when in fact they are brazilian japanese or nipo brasiliero.

Anonymous said...

fabio ide is actually half spanish half japanese from brazil.

Anonymous said...

misa campo should be there soon!

Anonymous said...

i nominate Sandro Takeo,,,,haha,,

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